Rachel Uchitel

Celebrity model Rachel Uchitel’s alleged involvement with Tiger Woods has become a hot topic, especially with Tiger’s wife, Elin Mordegren, changing her story about his driveway “accident.”

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TMZ suggests that Nordegren caused his injuries, challenging the initial car accident narrative. The National Enquirer even ran a story claiming Tiger’s affair with Rachel. Uchitel vehemently denies these allegations, emphasizing the potential harm caused by false reports.

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Rachel has been spotted partying in the Hamptons with friends, known for her role as a VIP hostess at the Pink Elephant last summer.

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Despite facing obstacles and the tragic loss of her fiancé in the 9/11 attacks, Rachel has managed top clubs in New York and remains focused on her career. The accompanying image has garnered attention, with some pointing out disparities in chest volume, sparking curiosity about a related video.