For at least one alleged Tiger Girl, silence appears to have come at a high price.

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New York socialite Rachel Uchitel reportedly received a payment of $10 million to refrain from disclosing details about her involvement with the scandalous golfer, Tiger Woods, as per TMZ.com’s Thursday report.

This revelation did not sit well with another rumored paramour of Woods, adult film star Joslyn James.

“It seems like an outlandish amount,” James expressed to the Daily News. “I’m not sure why he’d do that with her… But it doesn’t really make sense that he settles with her, yet he can’t even offer a personal apology to me.”

James, a 32-year-old actress known for movies like “Big Breasted Nurses,” asserts that she was romantically involved with Tiger for three years.

Uchitel, aged 34, was the first woman associated with Woods to surface last fall.

TMZ.com reported that Uchitel was offered the significant sum to remain silent just before she was scheduled to publicly confirm allegations of Woods’ infidelity at a December press conference arranged by renowned attorney Gloria Allred.

Uchitel abruptly canceled the press conference without providing an explanation and has maintained silence since then.

There has been no response from Team Tiger regarding the reported payoff. Neither Uchitel nor Allred has commented on this development.

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